Dar Attajalli
2, Derb Qettana, Zqaq Rommane
30200 Fez Medina, Morocco
+212 535 637728 | +212 677 081192


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Special Events

Event details can change. Please check before making travel arrangements.

The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music will take place in 2015 from 22 to 30 May.
For further information see also: www.fesfestival.com

The Fez Festival of Sufi Culture took place from 12 to 19 April 2014.
For further information and dates for 2015 have a look at: www.festivalculturesoufie.com

Other Events for the Rest of 2014

Slam&Klam Festival
Various forms of artistic expression drawing their essence from the traditional cultural heritage: artist residencies, poetry, video, improvised music.

Fez Culinary Art Festival
Moroccan cuisine is one of the most varied and popular in the world. Chefs from France, Japan, Greece, Spain come to share their recipes.

Fez Jazz Festival Usually end October/beginning November
Sounds of saxophone, piano, percussion and bass in palaces and old houses of the Medina of Fez. Processions, concerts and afters animate the city.

Forum of the Alliance of Civilisations & Cultural Diversity
Aims to spread the values of dialogue and peace with focus on the reciprocal interactions and influences between civilizations, cultures, traditions.

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